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Welcome to The Right Move “Free Chess for Youth” Chess Tournaments

Current membership in USCF is required.  Scholastic players may Join/Renew membership on-site for one year for $9. No credit cards.

7 sections: Sections may be combined if there are less than 6 signed up to that section by Friday at 6:00.

Awards: Based on the number of players in each section: 6-11 players in a section would earn 2 trophies. 12-29 players would get 3 trophies. 30-44 would get 5 trophies; 45-60 would get 7 trophies.

Medals are earned by a player who scores 2.5 or more points. The BEST TEAM CERTIFICATE is awarded to the team with the best score of the top four players in each section.

  • Awe: Adults welcome;
  • King: Rated Must be rated above 1300; 3 games @G/45;d5. 10:00, 11:45, 1:30.
  • Queen: Rated 900-1299
  • Rook: Rated 500-899
  • Bishop: Must be in Gr 6-12 Rated Under 800. FOR HS & Upper MS
  • Knight: Rated Under 500
  • Pawn: Must be in Gr 3 or Below Rated Under 300


  • Riverbank State Park, located near 145 St & Riverside Dr., NYC
  • Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, 357 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn
  • Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 W Tremont Ave., Bronx

All Sections begin round 1 games promptly at 10:00. Round 2 is at 11:30.  Round 3 at 12:45.  Round 4 is at 2:00.  Awards are at 3:30.

All games are USCF rated.   G/30;d5

How do I REGISTER:   Choose “Register here” (or click) from the headings bar at Please reserve the email for corrections and edits. Thanks.

Mar 17 at Roberto Clemente, “Straight”, TRM#337

  • Noah Parra N SABX3
  • Sudheeksha Sanghishetty R SAUW
  • Idan Zhong K SAHY
  • Engel Almonte Seda R SABX3
  • Anifah Compaore N SABX3
  • Allassane Kante R SABX3
  • Mohammed Konneh N SABX3
  • Akim Ouedraogo P SABX3
  • Amirah Ouedraogo N SABX3
  • Liam Blumling R
  • Aditya Saurabh AWE
  • Dylan Chan-Schlauraff K Hunter
  • William Beltins Q SAEF
  • Lucas Ma Q EMBAKER
  • Nika Kornilovsku N SAUW
  • Tianhui Lan N TAG
  • Philip Xia Q TAG
  • Liam Feng Q PS33

Mar 23 at Loughlin, “Right”, TRM#336

  • Miles Chu P PS130M
  • Elias Chu K PS130M
  • Mason Huang R SAEF
  • Idan Zhong K SAHY
  • Aiden Wang R SA
  • Henry Auyeung Q BPCS
  • Savit Baranwal R TAG
  • Aditya Saurabh Awe
  • Dylan Chan-Schlauraff K Hunter
  • Kyle Wong Rook SACH
  • Lucas Ma Q EMBAKER
  • Jasper Guan Q PS376Q
  • Tianhui Lan N TAG

Apr 7 at Riverbank, “Crooked”, TRM#338

Apr 13 at Bishop Loughlin, “Vertical”, TRM#339

Apr 21 at Roberto Clemente, “Horizontal”, TRM#340

May 5 at Riverbank, “Diagonal”, TRM#341

May 11 at Bishop Loughlin, “High”, TRM#342

May 19 at Roberto Clemente, “Below”, TRM#343

June 2 at Riverbank, “Low”, TRM #344

June 8 at Bishop Loughlin, “Tall”, TRM#345

June 15 at Roberto Clemente, “Short”, TRM#245