1. How do I find out if I’m registered? (How do I check-in?)
    1. Check the website www.chesstrm.org/NYC/ and find the section: “See who is signed in..,” When you arrive at the tournament look for the check-in desk to mark your name as present to let us know you are here ready to begin.
      1. What if I am new to chess.  How do I purchase a membership in the United States Chess Federation on-site for $9?
      1. Answer:  All players in a USCF chess tournament must be current members. Registering on-line www.uschess.com costs $20 for one year.  The Right Move offers a reduced rate to help youth enjoy the free chess tournaments and competition.  Fill in the form with the necessary info before 9:15 and pay $9 (good for one year membership) and the TD will take care of the rest. 
  2. What does “Section” mean? What sections are there?
    1. Chess uses a point rating system so that players can be more evenly matched with players of similar ability. Groupings based on ratings are called sections. Highly rated players win more often than lower rated players. Once assigned to a section you will only play those in your section. The sections here are Awe for adults and kids, King (Over 1300), Queen (Over 900), Rook (Over 500) and Knight (Under 500). The PAWN (Under 300 in Grade 3 or below) section has a grade qualifier as well.
  3. What time are the rounds?
    1. Rounds begin at 10:00, 11:30, 12:45 and 2:00.  Check-in closes at 9:30 so round 1 can begin on time.
  4. How do I find out who I am playing? (What board am I?)
    1. There will be a Pairing Sheet for each section (Awe, King, Queen, Rook, kNight, Pawn).  This will tell you the board number and the name of your opponent for the current round.  Each round you will be assigned a new board number and opponent. This list will be posted outside the tournament hall about 5-10 minutes before the next round.
  5. Is the “Touch Piece” rule used here?
    1. Yes, if you touch a piece you must move that piece.
  6. Do I have to write down my moves?
    1. USCF rules require all players to write down all their moves until there are five minutes left on either one of the clocks.  If you can you should make an effort to write down your moves unless you are in 1st grade or below.  If you don’t know how to record your moves you may simply put a check mark to indicate the move.
  7. Do I have to use a clock?  (What time should I set on the clock?)
    1. Generally, yes!  If a clock is available players should learn to compete using the rules with a clock.  Clocks should be set to G/30;d5, meaning 30 minutes per player with a 5-second delay. In order to finish four games in the time allowed a clock may be placed on games without a clock when the time for the next round approaches.  Scholastic players should get comfortable playing with a clock as soon as possible.
  8. What do I do if there is a problem during a game?
    1. Players having a question or having difficulty should stop the clock and raise your hand to get a tournament director (TD).  Resolve the problem before making your move.  
  9. How do I report the results of the game?
    1. When the game is finished and both players agree on the result you both raise your hands to let the TD record the result.  When the TD arrives state the board number and “White won” or “Black won” or “Draw”.  The TD should call each player by name to make sure everything is correct.  Then reset the pieces and leave the tournament area until the next round begins.
  10. What are tie-break points?  What tie-break systems are used here?
    1. Frequently players finish the tournament with the same number of points, e.g., 4.0 or 3.5 or 3, etc. Tie-break points looks to the results table and uses the scores of opponents to determine who had the “better” order of finish.  Median, Solkoff and Cumulative are the tie-break systems used here.
  11. What are accelerated pairings?  When do we use accelerated pairings?
    1. Accelerated pairings may be used in larger tournaments when there is a limited number or rounds. This helps the best players to rise to the top more quickly.
  12. What awards are there? (What time are awards?)
    1. There are trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place in each section.  (Sections must have a minimum of 6 players or sections will be combined. Sections with less than 12 players will award 2 trophies.)
    1. There are medals for those with 2.5 or more points who do not receive a trophy.    Any player who scores 2.5 or more points must win either a medal or a trophy. 
    1. Team Certificates are won by the First Place Team in each section.
  13. How can I donate to The Right Move Chess Foundation?
    1. You can donate on-site, or you can send a check to: The Right Move Chess Foundation, 1214 Beverley Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218.

Update  3.1.2023.