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To register for a FREE chess tournament hosted by The Right Move (TRM), please fill out the form below. Please send your Entry as soon as possible to guarantee making the 230 slots available, (first come, first served,) for a Nov. 17 Sunday tournament at  Roberto Clemente State Park, (located at 301 W Tremont Ave, Bx)  or Dec 8 at Riverbank State Park (located across from 145th St & Riverside Drive, NYC 10025.) or on Dec 15 at Promise Academy 1, (located at 245 W 129 St, NYC).

Registration Form

  • Beginner Sections are for Gr 8-12 (Awe, with Adults Welcome), Gr 4-7 (Pawn2) and for Gr 3 & below (Pawn1). Rated USCF sections are for Above 1300 (King), Below 1300 (Queen), Below 900 (Rook), Below 500 (kNight), Below 300 (Bishop, LImited to Gr 3 & below). Unrated players may play in any rated section after joining USCF ($9/year).
  • To play in a USCF section USCF requires current membership. Failure to place id# means you will not be placed in the uscf section. Players who plan to join on-site ($9) but are not current uscf members must put 00000000
  • Free entry to The Right Move #245, "Progress Now" at Roberto Clemente State Park on Nov 17 ends on Thursday, Nov 14 at 8:00 PM or as soon as pre-registration reaches 230. Remember to check-in on time. Website is updated regularly. You are responsible to see that you are correctly listed
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • USCF rated rounds for the King (USCF rated above 1300) and Queen (USCF Under 1300 or unrated) sections, G/35;d10, are at 9:30, 11:00 and 12:30 and 2:00. (4 Games). Awards to follow.
  • USCF rated rounds for the Rook (USCF Under 900 or unrated), kNight (USCF Under 500 or unrated and Bishop (USCF rated below 300; must be in Grade 3 or below) sections, G/30;d5, are at 10:00, 11:15, 12:30 and 1:45. (All play 4 games) Awards are about 3:00
  • Beginning players are most welcome to tournament play in the non-rated sections.  (Players pay a fee to join the USCF and are then considered “unrated” until completing 4 games against rated USCF players in a reted section.) The Non-USCF rated sections are called  Pawn1  Grades 3 & Below,  and Pawn2 Grades 4-7 sections.   The AWE section serves Grades 8-12 with Adults Welcome (AWE) . These sections play 4 rounds with G/20;d0. Games are at 10:00, 11:15, 12:30 and 1:45.  Awards are at 3:00 or sooner.
  • Awards:  Trophies are awarded to First, Second and Third Place in each of the eight sections.  Medals are won by scoring 2.5 or more points in any  section.  Teams of two or more are awarded Certificates for First and Second Place in each section.  All results are posted on the website after the tournament.

USCF Players must keep their yearly memberships up to date. If your membership appears expired you must prove you have current membership (whether to join the USCF) or renew your scholastic membership for $9 (yearly fee) on-site. .  Keep membership up to date.

Remember to check-in before 9:30 for most sections which begin with round 1  at 10:00 (9:15 for the King & Queen sections which begin at 9:30)  at Robert Frederick Smith Performing Arts Center in Danny Farrell Riverbank State Park, located at 145th St. & Riverside Drive, NYC.  Plan to be seated for the start of your round on-time. (Pre-paid advance check-in only need to show up on time without checking in.  See website list.) Pairings will be posted 5 to 10 minutes before posted time for each of the various sections. No formal announcements will be made in the tournament hall so be sure to read the Posted Announcements at the tournament.

NOTE: Free Registration closes at the first 230 entries before each tournament. No exceptions. 

Please note, all free registrations for The Right Move must be made and posted on the website.  Register early and check the posted list.    Your careful preparation and cooperation ensures the continued success for all. 

-Renee M Scorcia, President