Dec 6 Still Outdoors at RCSP

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!! Stay healthy. Stay safe.

This update Wednesday, November 25, 2020. 5:00 PM (14 signed up already. Be one of the 34 players who can still sign up. Masks are required. )

It’s FREE. It’s FUN. Don’t Wait, COME.

Yes, December outdoors is still the best option for over-the-board chess at this time.

So here goes. Sign up for Dec 6 (limit first 48 due to health concerns) Subject: Dec 6. Give full name, uscf ID and section.

You will receive a confirmation notice and can see the list below with all those already signed up.

The six section field projected below needs you. Unless the total number of players approaches 48, many sections will have to be combined!! Beat those winter blues. Play chess safely outdoors! (But do dress warmly. Free parking available.)

Here is the current list of those signed up so far: (This list shows the November rating list. December uscf rating list will be used. It is the annual list and should be available soon.)

Nervous Knights: Frightful Choices: Choose your weapons!

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: King (Above 1400 & Unrated)


Nervous Knights: Assert your privilege. Bring your best!

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: Queen (Under 1400 & Unrated)

5 HAN,LEQIunr.0

Nervous Knights: Prepare, prepare, prepare…

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: Rook (Under 1100 & Unrated)


Nervous Knights: Go forward! Take the Challenge.

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: Knight (Under 800 & Unrated)


Nervous Knights: The brave, the strong and the rest…

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: Bishop (Under 500 & Unrated)


Nervous Knights: You can do it!

SwissSys Standings. Nervous Knights: Pawn (Under 300 & Unrated, Gr 3 & below)


Please note the categories have changed. All are uscf rated sections and current membership is required. A minimum six players in each section is required or that section will be combined. (Join or renew USCF membership on-site for $9 yearly membership.)

Trophies for 1st and 2nd each section (based on less than 10 in each section. More players means more trophies). Medals for 2.5 or more points.

Currently the tournament will be at Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 West Tremont Ave., Bx 10453. Park outdoors down after the circle with the statue of Roberto Clemente, Make a left hand turn at the bottom (not to public parking $$$) and near the river outdoors (with no hot food vendor). Bring your own food. Free parking.

Updated information will be published here as conditions permit, for example, for cancellation, moving to a new site indoors (if possible…) or other news. The weather has been consistently wonderful for outdoor chess for many months. Maybe, just maybe…