Over-the-board Outdoor Chess in the Park 2020

Welcome to outdoor over the board safe live scholastic chess. Come on out to safely play in a chess tournament. Here are the latest responses for who is coming to outdoor chess this summer of 2020:

  • Aug 15 at Riverbank, beginning at 3:00:
  • Alice Chovanec
  • Andres Grundy
  • Yeshua Matos
  • Gabriel Negussie
  • Samuel Negussie
  • ***Must have six signed up by Friday Noon or event will be canceled.
  • Aug 16 at Roberto Clemente, beginning at 3:00:
  • Yeshua Matos
  • Roosevelt Moses IV
  • Nathan Shulhoff
  • ***Must have six signed up by Friday Noon or event will be canceled.

The Right Move Chess plans to hold limited (12 scholastic players max) chess outdoors on Saturday at Riverbank State Park from 3:00-6:00 and on Sunday at Roberto Clemente State Park from 3:00-6:00. You can register online brjohn@juno.com for any session, or as many sessions as you like. All are free, and require masks, social distancing and sanitizing hands as safety guidelines. PLAYERS CAN REGISTER ON-SITE, BUT ONLY THE FIRST 12 WILL BE PERMITTED TO PLAY.

On August 8, 2020 The Right Move changed the format for over-the-board safe live scholastic chess tournaments. Beginning Aug 15 & 16 Chess will begin at 3:00 so players can get in 4 rounds. If less than six players are signed up for Saturday it will be canceled. If less than six players are signed up for Sunday it will be canceled.(G/30; d5). Rounds will start ASAP. Play may extend beyond 6:00PM. The deadline for signing up is Noon on Friday. Check our website here to see the numbers signed up for this week: Trophy for 1st & 2nd (Minimum 8 players in this section); Medal 2.5 points (Minimum 4 players in that section)

Future dates at Riverbank during August: 22,29

Future dates at Roberto Clemente during August: 23, 30.

Summary of Sessions for Over the Board Outdoor Chess in the Park.

July 25 Surya Krishnan (Gr 6) played 4 games (G/30;d5) finishing 2-2. Games played at picnic table in shade at far end of track (close to 138th St entrance). Session ended at 6;05. Yeshua Matos Gr 5 (962) searched park end to end but did not find chess playing group.

Picture shows opening day with Surya’s family and Brother John at Riverbank State Park, not far from the pool near the 138th St. entrance to the park. The basketball and tennis courts are located on the deck above our shaded area, at the far end of the track from the 145th St Entrance .

July 26 Glynnton Buckley defeated Yeshua Matos in a three game match play (G/30;d5), 2-1

Aug 1 Kylie Bockowski (708), Lucas Bockowski (628), Yeshua Matos (962) and one more played a quad with exciting chess action for all as all were tied at 1-1 going into the third and final round.

Aug 2 Sunday– While the thunderstorms were expected between 1:00 and 3:00 in the Bronx today that didn’t happen. Instead by 4:00 the sun shone brightly. . The Right Move was well prepared in the shade. Yeshua Matos lost in match play, 2-1.

Aug 8  Yeshua Matos taught Brother John many lessons after Edward and his mom showed off their chess skills.

Aug 9 Yeshua Matos arrived and played one game (unrated)

Future dates at Riverbank during August: 15,22,29

Future dates at Roberto Clemente during August: 16, 23, 30.

Tentative Indoor Scholastic Free Chess Tournaments at Riverbank State Park if adequate safety guidelines for COVID-19 and protocols are firmly kept: All events would be on Sunday and limited to 48 people with a new format that will be sent out on mailchimp on Monday, August 17.

Oct. 18, Nov. 8, Dec. 6, Jan. 10, Feb. 2, Mar. 7, Apr. 4, May 2 and June 6.

-Renee M. Scorcia, President