“Mighty” Results– Aug 21 (Sun)

outdoors Aug 21 at Roberto Clemente State Park.

Where: Roberto Clemente State Park is located at 301 West Tremont Ave., Bronx NY

To register send an email to mcmanusj363@gmail.com Tell your full name and uscf id#. August rating list will be used.

The Right Move Summer Chess will offer 6-Player groupings for a Round Robin Chess tournament on this date only.

EF: FREE.  5 games of chess.  Play is limited to ability grouping.  Check-in before 9:45.  Rounds at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00.  Games begin at 10:00 so you must check-in before 9:45. All play 5 games.

Each player  must be a member of USCF. 

On-site fee for one year membership (up to age 20) costs $9 for scholastic player up to grade 12. 

Players are placed into rating order and divided into groups of 6.  You then play all other five players in your group in a pre-determined order according to round robin rules.

Games will be played at a time of G/25;d5 (This means your rating will be dual rated, regular and qwik).

Trophy to First place.    Medals to 3 or more points.     Playoff game (G/5;d0) if tied for 1st place.

These people are signed up so far: Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 10:00 am Only time will tell who can show up on the new date. Hopefully, those will withdraw who can tell us beforehand they can’t make it. Remember: check in before 9:45 so groupings can be correct.

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex : Hex A

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Alice Shen303251511189 1348W3W4W2D5W64.5
2Daniel Won306052421134 1230W6W5L1W3L43.0
3Sasha Milo Schaefer303603211223 1302L1W6W4L2W53.0
4Albert Li300474811098 1221W5L1L3W6W23.0
5Sharlene Yang301839101080 1025L4L2W6D1L31.5
6Harsh Gupta170492931028 1005L2L3L5L4L10.0

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex : Hex B

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Winston Chen1715027610471106W6W4W5L3W24.0
2Suhaan Virani303039341000 1006W5W6L3W4L13.0
3Brian Yin30214615unr. 1024L4L5W2W1W63.0
4Fabrizzio Quinonez Hernandez301615251008 980W3L1W6L2L52.0
5Alexei Kumar171087931013 925L2W3L1L6W42.0
6Brian Lin305262051046 895L1L2L4W5L31.0

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex : Hex C

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Kamilla Tursunova30039618860 1009W6W4W3W5L24.0
2Wayne Qiu30322431932 1012W5W6L4W3W14.0
3Marco Ciacci30051673942 949W4W5L1L2W63.0
4Alice Wang30169814951 1024L3L1W2W6W53.0
5Landon J Granizo Garcia30379121656 658L2L3W6L1L41.0
6Maksim Buldaev30367404773 692L1L2L5L4L30.0

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex : Hex D

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Sahaj Virani30303940581 686W4W2W3L6W54.0
2Bradley Tang30289036739 675W6L1W4W5L33.0
3Kiyomi Yuk30136211546 573W5W6L1L4W23.0
4Yash Gupta17049287604 591L1W5L2W3W63.0
5Liam Chau30337325391 370L3L4W6L2L11.0
6Ayden Lin30612404266 370L2L3L5W1L41.0

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex : Hex E

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Savit Baranwal Baranwal30044447397 436W2W6L3W4W54.0
2Dhruv Kalantri30454060364 364L1W3W5W6D43.5
3Aimee Wang30550131307 365D4L2W1W5W63.5
4Alessandro Quinonez30445420331 338D3W5W6L1D23.0
5Eric Yang30687986unr. 105W6L4L2L3L11.0
6Luca Chau30337317121 122L5L1L4L2L30.0

SwissSys Standings. Mighty Hex: A (Alphabetical)

1SAVIT BA BARANWAL300444473970.0
2SUVAN BARANWAL1667300017450.0
3ROMEL BARRETT167861088050.0
4LLIAM BLUMLING300693971670.0
5TA BOYKE-DARBOUZE304652175940.0
6LIAM CHAU303373253910.0
7LUCA CHAU303373171210.0
8ARRIANA DAVILA303687882360.0
9DANIEL DAVILA303400625050.0
10SHAWN EPELBAUM1673615312140.0
11LA GRANIZO GARCIA303791216560.0
12HARSH GUPTA1704929310790.0
13YASH GUPTA170492875780.0
14JONATHAN HSIEH304106947870.0
15QIRAN HU303565828130.0
16KLARA IVKOSIC305827241320.0
17DHRUV KALANTRI304540603030.0
18HEETA KALANTRI30484425unr.0.0
19LIAM KOJUHAROV3021437112390.0
20ALEXEI KUMAR1710879310130.0
21VIKTOR KUULAR305640537590.0
22ALBERT LI3004748112050.0
23HENRY MINGZHE LI302662314700.0
24AYDEN LIN306124043930.0
25DANIEL LIU3014496113460.0
26JAMES MARGOLIS3010410512990.0
27LUCAS MARGOLIS304541022740.0
28SEAN MARGOLIS305501861180.0
29YESHUA MATOS1678625110070.0
30SURIYAN NATHAN1263466415000.0
31ETHAN SCOTT OTTO169407672060.0
32LIAM OTTO303392771450.0
33BOREN LEONARDO OU301879397550.0
34ARJUN PRADHAN168105079960.0
35QUINONEZ HERNANDE3016152510080.0
36ALESSAND QUINONEZ304454203310.0
37SELVIN RAMIREZ1621509515000.0
38JAELYNN RIVERA164577326340.0
39RAFAEL ROBINOVICH1661545212850.0
40ALICE SHEN3032515113120.0
41DANIEL SVOYSKIY306213155590.0
42BRADLEY TANG302890367100.0
43JO TOTOUOM TANGHO306017891530.0
44SA TOTOUOM TANGHO306017743690.0
45KAMILLA TURSUNOVA300396189230.0
46SAHAJ VIRANI303039406300.0
47SUHAAN VIRANI303039349780.0
48DANIEL WON3060524212160.0
49KYLE WU300214778860.0
50SHARLENE YANG3018391010800.0
51PATRICK YAO301346539940.0
52BRIAN YIN302146159900.0
53CHRISTY ZENG303110692770.0
54ABIGAIL ZHOU302909657450.0