Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Where is Roberto Clemenete State Park? 301 West Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY 10453 How: Is it easy to get there? By public transportation take the #6 train to Burnside Ave and the #32 bus will take you right there. By car there are some parking passes available on a first come basis. See Brother John for directions once inside the check-in area. Where do I go when I get there? The gym is the first building you will see and you can check-in there. All rounds take place in the gym, but all are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors and the park between rounds.

Q1- What does each section stand for? Why does each player need to know their section?

A1- While each tournament takes place on one day and one place, it really has 8 championships (sections) according to ability. The USCF has devised a rating system that places each player according to results already received in actual tournament play. Rated players and new unrated USCF members choose competitive groupings and only play against that group. Prizes are limited to the players in that particular group. Beginning and non-USCF players are placed in grade level championships and urged to join the USCF for more fair and better competitive placement. ($9 / yearly fee to join USCF on-site; USCF members must register to play in USCF sections except for the AWE section.)

Q2- Why doesn’t my USCF rating show the results of the January tournament?

A2- The USCF publishes a national list monthly (available to tournament directors) for games completed before the third Wednesday of the month. Thus, the February list will not include ratings after that date. However, when your next tournament is being played it will place your most current tournament rating in the rating report, not the monthly published rating. Tournament directors are expected to use the published rating and not the most current rating.

Q3- Why is there a check-in list?

A3- The Right Move is committed to Free Chess for Youth. Limited seating (230) requires accurate planning. The consequence of your opponent not showing up means you miss the opportunity to compete fairly, and must wait, perhaps until an opponent can be found. Since some sections begin at 9:30 the first check-in period ends at 9:15 for those players (King & Queen). For all others the check-in period ends at 9:30 so that accurate first round pairings can be posted for the first round that begins at 10:00. For those who wish to avoid the check-in a fee of $5 puts you on the list to just show up to play all your rounds on time. This box appears on registration and fee is good all year.

Q4- My name is not on the list published on the website. Can I play?

A4- No. Give the staff the opportunity to be professional by not asking others to do your job. Sign up early. Check the published list. Send error message to with subject: TRM248 to report changes as soon as possible.

Q5- How can I get more involved with helping as a volunteer?

A5- The Right Move welcomes all helpers and is most grateful to the many parents, coaches and players who arrive early and set up, as well as take over many areas of responsibility. USCF Players are encouraged to become tournament directors by requesting certification from USCF. Training of new staff is always available on-site. Financial funding of one tournament (sponsorship) costs $200. Rosalyn Yalow Charter School has been the major source of funding for the past two years. See Brother John McManus for more details. The Right Move Chess Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit all-volunteer Foundation.