Brooklyn Scholastic Chess Challenge Results

This outdoor 4 round Swiss Rated USCF tournament took place in Prospect Park on Saturday, September 5, 2020. All health related protocols were in effect: hand sanitizing, mask and social distancing. Congratulations to all involved!

SwissSys Standings. Brooklyn Challenge

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Elian Garcia160838321625W9W2W4W34.0
2Ifaz Howlader165169921232W7L1W5W43.0
3Louis Barry169955471619L5W8W7L12.0
4Maria Poulos-Chachere159261451400W6W5L1L22.0
5Adam Shekel Nosatski17116436962W3L4L2B—2.0
6Mukhammad Yusef Takhirov16825448853L4L9B—W82.0
7Arston Wang17254770789L2B—L3W92.0
8Miley Shekel17116415487X—L3W9L62.0
9Kento Carrera154610571020L1W6L8L71.0