The Right Move, in partnership with Riverbank State Park, provides FREE Chess Tournaments for Youth. Tournaments are hosted at Riverbank State Park Auditorium, 145th St & Riverside Drive, NYC.

You must Pre-register for a tournament, .  You must also check-in before 9:15 to play in round 1.  Note starting times for rounds below:

  • Open and Under 1400: 3 rounds 9:30, 11:30, 1:30 (G/45;d5)
  • Under 1000, Under 600, and Under 400R: 4 rounds at 10:00, 11:15, 12:45 and 2:00 (G/30;d5)
  • Unrated Grades 2-3. 4-7 and AWE: 5 rounds at 10:00, 11:10, 12:15, 1:20 and 2:15. (G/25;d0)
  • Awards will take place in the lobby as soon as each section finishes.
  • Individual Trophies to Top 3 in each section with 12 or more players.  Medals awarded for all with 2.5 or more points out of 4 rounds.. 2 points wins a medal in Open and Under 1400 section out of 3 games. In 5 round sections 3 points are necessary to win a medal.
  • Team Trophy based on points in section. Certificates to 1st, 2nd each section. Those in sections with 3 rounds need 7.5 points for a team trophy. Those in sections with 4 rounds need 10 points.Those in sections with 5 rounds need 12.5 points.Team Award is made of the best 4 scores in each section.


  • USCF Open
  • USCF Under 1400
  • USCF Under 1000
  • USCF Under 600
  • USCF Under 400 Reserve (limited to grade 2 and under USCF members)
  • Non-USCF Grades 4-7
  • Non- USCF Grades 2-3
  • Non-USCF Awe Grades 8 and above; Adults Welcome.

You may choose to bring a chair and sit outside between rounds, enjoying the Hudson River view. Very few chairs are available for non-players.  Picnic tables are outside. Dress warmly. (Do not use the 2nd floor where the Administrative Offices are located.)

DateTournamentNotes: Limited to 230 or date indicated Pre-Registration required.
Feb 23 at Roberto Clemente SP SundayTRM#248 Keep Calm8:00 PM on Thurs. Feb 20Register here
Mar 29at Roberto Clemente SP SundayTRM#249 Battling Bishops8:00 PM on Thurs. Mar 26Pre-rsgistration begins May 1
Apr 25 at Roberto Clemente SP SaturdayTRM#250 Nervous Knights8:00 PM on Thurs. Apr 22Pre-registration begins Apr 1
May 10 at Roberto Clemente SP SundayTRM#251 Dream Big8:00 PM on Thurs.
May 7
Pre-registration begins Apr 25
June 14 at Roberto Clemente SP SundayTRM#252 Aim High8:00 PM on Thurs. June 11Pre-registration begins May 28