The Right Move currently provides free scholastic chess tournaments at the following sites:

Riverbank State Park Smith Auditorium, 145th St & Riverside Drive, NYC.

Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 W Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY.

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, 357 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

When:       See calendar of events

You must Pre-register for a tournament, by using the “Register here” portion of the website

Tell your full name, uscf ID# (or tell NEW), and the section.  Be sure to indicate which tournament you are joining.

Lists from coaches may be sent via an email to:

You are responsible to check the website for errors and report them to above email.  See the section title: “Check to See who is signed in…”

All players in each Section play 4 games  Rounds are at 10:00, 11:30, 12:45, 2:00  (G/30;d5) All: USCF rated.

To sign up for a tournament you must be a current uscf member.  Scholastic players can join/renew for a yearly fee of $9 on-site at the tournament.

Check in at the tournament before 9:30 to be listed to play round 1 so everyone can be seated ready to begin play at 10:00.


  • Awe–USCF Rated Adults Welcome : 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • King–USCF Rated Above 1300: 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • Queen–USCF Rated Above 900: 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • Rook–USCF Rated Above 500: 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • kNight–USCF Rated Under 500 : 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • Bishop- Reserved for Grades 7-12 rated under 800 : 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • Pawn–Reserved for Grades 3 and under rated Under 300 : 4 rounds, G/30;d5.
  • Individual Trophies to Top 3 in each section.  (Minimum 6 players in each section.  2 trophies awarded if there are less than 12 players in section.)
  • Medals awarded for all with 2.5 or more points.
  • Team Certificate is awarded to the Best School Team in each section.
Date:Tournament:Notes: Pre-Registration:
Jun 2 at Riverbank SP Cancelled"Low", TRM#344EF: Free. USCF only. 8 sections. Rd 1 at 10:00Register after 5/7 see "Register here" heading at
Jun 8 at Bishop Loughlin"Tall", TRM#345EF: Free. USCF only. 8 sections. Rd 1 at 10:00Register after 5/14 see "Register here" heading at
Jun 16 at Roberto Clemente SP"Short", TRM#346EF: Free. USCF only. 8 sections. Rd 1 at 10:00Register after 5/21 see "Register here" heading at