“Optomistic” Saturday 9/18 Parade Grounds Prospect Park Outdoors

Hi! Welcome to “Optomistic” Chess on September 18 (Saturday) “Optomistic” OUTDOORS at the Parade Grounds in Prospect Park, near Coney Island and Caton Ave., Brooklyn EF: Free. The Scholastic Section Only consists of 4SS, G/30;d5. King (Above 1300), Queen (Above 900), Rook (Above 500), kNight (Below 500) and the (added) Pawn (Below 200). Rds at 11, 12, 1:30, 2:30. All USCF members only. Minimum 6 players in section or sections will be combined. Check-in by 10:45. Limited to 42 players.

Latest update on Wednesday, Sept 15 at 6:00 PM (See Swisssys chart below) Scroll to bottom for photos.

Open: This section has been cancelled.

King: Suvan Baranwal, Daniel Kastioukevitch, Fanrong Meng, Adam Nayden, Tim Shvarts, Mengyuan Wu, Jeremy Yoon

Queen: Cameron Baez, Christopher Baez, Nick Del Castillo, Anjya Fujita, Albert Li, Kabir Mutha,, Daisy Yuen, Daniel Zhang

Rook: Sayed Adib, Asa Blanchard, Milan Greene, Benjamin Kanovich, James Liszewski, Timothy Milchevskiy, Raymond Ouyang, Sparsh Potti, Arjun Pradhan, Nathanael Waller, Matthew Wang, Darren Wu, Wanru Ye

kNight: Savit Baranwal, Mark Derkach, Haven DeRosa, Thaiger DeRosa, Greg Klugin, Howen Lee, Dharsh Patibandla, Naina Patibandla, Aayra Potti, Eva Pradhan, Shawn Shi, Aarush Simhadri, Avni Voca, Chase Yuen

SwissSys Standings. Optomistic at Prospect Park: King (Above 1300) (Alphabetical)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1SUVAN BARANWAL166730001669    0.0
2DA KASTIOUKEVITCH166579781334    0.0
3FANRONG MENG170996461428    0.0
4ADAM LEV NAYDEN162082401335    0.0
5TIM SHVARTS161560071552    0.0
6JEREMY K YOON168801481234    0.0
Add: Mengyuan Wu

SwissSys Standings. Optomistic at Prospect Park: Queen (Above 900) (Alphabetical)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1CAMERON BAEZ301100571280    0.0
2CHRISTOPHER BAEZ300744171034    0.0
3NICK DEL CASTILLO30238903939    0.0
4ANJYU FUJITA168785941067    0.0
5ALBERT LI30047481735    0.0
6LAASYA MADA167261201157    0.0
7KABIR PARTH MUTHA30025432913    0.0
8DAISY YUEN170361171143    0.0

SwissSys Standings. Optomistic at Prospect Park: Rook (Above 500) (Alphabetical)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1SAYED ADIB30275172unr.    0.0
2ASA BLANCHARD16448524696    0.0
3MILAN GREENE17111204823    0.0
4BENJAMIN KANOVICH16394155856    0.0
5JAMES J LISZEWSKI17120460707    0.0
6TIMOT MILCHEVSKIY15840198681    0.0
7RAYMOND OUYANG30136126863    0.0
8SPARSH POTTI16282038656    0.0
9NATHANAEL WALLER30161344640    0.0
10MATTHEW WANG30187662703    0.0
11DARREN WU30136086692    0.0
12WANRU YE30135407746    0.0
Add: Arjun Pradhan+Daniel Zhang

SwissSys Standings. Optomistic at Prospect Park: kNight (Below 500) (Alphabetical)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1MARK DERKACH30234890389    0.0
2HOWEN LEE30199153369    0.0
3SOURYA MADA30155856370    0.0
4DHARSH PATIBANDLA30141875495    0.0
5SHAWN SHI30200619322    0.0
6CHASE YUEN30041382330    0.0
Add: Nasif Khan+ Eva Pradhan

SwissSys Standings. Optomistic at Prospect Park: Pawn (Under 200) (Alphabetical)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1SAVIT BARANWAL30044447150    0.0
2HAVEN FANG DEROSA30139483136    0.0
3THAIGER JI DEROSA30178497112    0.0
4ALEXANDER WIL DON30255660136    0.0
5GREG KLUGIN30228526196    0.0
6NAINA PATIBANDLA30147932106    0.0
7AAYRA POTTI unr.    0.0
8AARUSH SIMHADRI30263617183    0.0
9AVNI VOCA unr.    0.0
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