Results from Oct 8. “National Chess Day” at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, TRM#301

Registration: website:

You must tell first and last name, uscf id (or put New) and the section. For School team entries, tell your school. Bishop section must indicate grade level (must be in grade 8 or above). Pawn section must indicate grade level (must be grade 3 or below). USCF October rating list will be used.

All sections must check-in before 9:30 or you will not be paired for round 1.

SwissSys Standings. National Chess Day: King (Standings (no tiebrk))

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Total
1MOUHAMADOU TALL158308241624 H—W21.5
2THOMAS LAY125992761524 W3L11.0
3RAFAEL ROBINOVICH166154521239 L20.0

SwissSys Standings. National Chess Day: Queen (USCF avove 900) (Standings (no tiebrk))

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1AIDEN CHAN167847081209SACHX8D3W2W53.5
2EYDEN ZINDER171692671048 W6W5L1W43.0
3WILLIAM RUHLE17023765891 W7D1L4B—2.5
4RAFAEL ROBINOVICH166154521239 U—W6W3L22.0
5TRINITY TAN30133655727 B—L2W7L12.0
6DENNIS SONG30718539unr. L2L4B—W72.0
7KAMILLA TURSUNOVA300396181098 L3B—L5L61.0
8HARSH GUPTA17049293933 F1U—U—U—0.0

SwissSys Standings. National Chess Day: Rook (USCF avove 500) (Standings (no tiebrk))

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1LOUIS RUHLE30171254780 W6W10L8W73.0
2CARLO HE30337885661SABHW9W11L6W83.0
3PRATEEK KARANAM30660262unr. L7W12W11W63.0
4ANDREW CHAN17305150760SACHL8D9W5W102.5
5SHAWN SHI30200619715 H—W7L4W112.5
6GRAYSON XIANG30650149666SACHL1W8W2L32.0
7BRIJ BHANDARI30317234unr. W3L5W12L12.0
8JONATHAN ISKHAKOV30732115unr. W4L6W1L22.0
9RICO HE30439112576SABHL2D4L10W121.5
10CHRISTIAN GABELMAN30754717unr. H—L1W9L41.5
11MAKSIM BULDAEV30367404779 W12L2L3L51.0
12HARRISON DENG30491746338SABHL11L3L7L90.0

SwissSys Standings. National Chess Day: kNight (USCF below 500) (Standings (no tiebrk))

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1LAWRENCE RIZZATO30415316458 W21W22W5W84.0
2ADRIAN CHEBAR30740274unr. W7W19W4W64.0
3ALEJANDRO BERMEO30348020448 W14W17L8W163.0
4CARSON FONG30367671311 W15W11L2W183.0
5ALEXANDRA LIU30464451248SABHW16W10L1W153.0
6HILLEL DORON-REPA16771628186 W28W23W10L23.0
7YOTAM DORON-REPA16771613122BPCSL2W30W17W113.0
8AMELIA YASINIK 30740288unr. W18W29W3L13.0
9CORA DUNN30580705472 W12B—U—U—2.0
10BRIANNA ZHOU17301994466 W13L5L6W222.0
11THAIGER JI DEROSA30178497435BPCSW23L4W14L72.0
12DANIYAL NURTAZA30740875unr. L9L15X29W232.0
13ALEC FRIDMAN30742354unr. L10W35L15W262.0
14HARLAN HUANG30733235unr.SACHL3W28L11W192.0
15HENRY AUYENG30754540unr.BPCSL4W12W13L52.0
16JULIUS LINDSAY-GATTER 30756280unr. L5W36W19L32.0
17REY ESPINAL30746141unr. W36L3L7W212.0
18AUSTIN YOU CHEN30722612unr.SACHL8W21W22L42.0
19HAVEN FANG DEROSA30139483321BPCSW35L2L16L141.0
20CHRISTIAN GABELMAN30754717unr. W31U—U—U—1.0
21OLIVER QUEENAN30726472unr.BPCSL1L18W36L171.0
22A’JANI HARRIS-TUCKER30754743unr. X—L1L18L101.0
23MILAN GLOVER30754738unr. L11L6W28L121.0
24SAM TURNER30754367unr. W32F31U—U—1.0
25TRAVIS LAVINE 30502234unr. W33F34U—U—1.0
27BRIJ BHANDARI30317234unr. W34U—U—U—1.0
28HENRY ULAM 30756041unr.BPCSL6L14L23W361.0
29RYAN LIN30754720unr. H—L8F12U—0.5
30ELLIOT COYNE30754390unr. H—L7U—U—0.5
31STEVEN PATINO30713616459SAUWL20F24U—U—0.0
32JAiDEN FRIDMAN30742349unr. L24F33U—U—0.0
33LUTHER KLATENHOFF30742349unr. L25F32U—U—0.0
34PRATEEK KAVANAM30660262unr. L27F25U—U—0.0
36SAMANTHA DILLON30754822unr. L17L16L21L280.0

SwissSys Standings. National Chess Day: Pawn (USCF below 300 and gr 3 or below) (Standings (no tiebrk))

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1TRAVIS LEVINE30502234142A&L305UW14X—W15W94.0
2ANDREW GAO30539740unr. W21W9W5W34.0
3LUCIAN ZOU30726824unr. W16X—W6L23.0
4DAMIR NURTAZA30740944unr. W17X—W10L53.0
5CHASETON LAM30703342unr. W8W7L2W43.0
6JAIDEN FRIDMAN30742349unr. W11W13L3W123.0
7THOMAS HUANG30739492unr. W12L5D14W152.5
8CHRISTOPHER MAGHI30754516unr.BPCSL5L10W18W192.0
9JUSTIN RUI CHEN30723092unr.SACHW20L2W11L12.0
10ROBERT MACINNESS30754154unr.BCPSU—W8L4W212.0
11SAM TURNER30754367unr.BPCSL6W21L9X162.0
13DALILA WURWARG 30756063unr.BPCSH—L6D20D171.5
14LUTHER KLATTENHOFF30755056unr. L1B—D7U—1.5
15ARLO SACKMANN30754352unr.BPCSH—W20L1L71.5
16GABRIELA ROSS30753947unr.BPCSL3W19L12F111.0
17SYDNEY MCKENZIE30754502unr.BPCSL4L12D21D131.0
20DAEHAN CAHILL30753929unr.PS19EVCSL9L15D13U—0.5
21BARAK COLE-SCHREIBER30754376unr.PS19EVCSL2L11D17L100.5

Seven sections: 

  • 1 Awe, Adults welcome.  3 games, 10,12, 2.  G/45;d10. 
  • All other sections:  4 games, 10, 11:30, 12:45, 2:00. G/30;d5. 
  • 2 King, USCF over 1300.   
  • 3 Queen, USCF over 900. 
  • 4 Rook, USCF over 500.   
  • 5. kNight, USCF under 500.
  • 6 Bishop, USCF under 800 and born before 1/1/2009 (JHS & HS)
  • 7 Pawn, USCF under 300 and in grade 3 or below.   
  • EF: Free.  Must be current uscf member.  Join/renew on-site for $9, good for entire year.. 

Awards: Trophy to top 3 in sections with at least 12 players.  Medals to players who score 2.5 or more.  Sections with less than 6 players may be combined.  Certificate to 1st Place team in each section.

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