Results from Oct 2. “Punctual” at Riverbank State Park


The indoor series of free scholastic chess tournaments continues with Sunday, October 2, indoors at Smith Auditorium in Riverbank State Park, located near 145th St & Riverside Drive in Manhattan (NYC).

Scroll down to see who has signed up in each section listed here by section in order of uscf ratings from the monthly national list. If team was listed on registration that will be shown as well.

SwissSys Standings. Punctual: King

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1JAMES MARGOLIS301041051463 W6D2W4W53.5
2LAASYA MADA167261201394 W7D1D3W43.0
3MARCO CIACCI30051673948 L4W7D2W62.5
4BRYANT ANSON CHEN30082298997 W3W6L1L22.0
5WAYNE QIU30322431962 H—H—H—L11.5
6JOHN SILVA166912801312 L1L4W7L31.0
7JESSE MARGOLIS30740291unr. L2L3L6B—1.0

SwissSys Standings. Punctual: Queen

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1ELI BLEI-GANTZ173221801040 W10W5D4W63.5
2SPARSH POTTI16282038976 L5W8W7W43.0
3JASON QI30176738803 L7W9W10W53.0
4DAVID YESILEVICH160003631152 W9W7D1L22.5
5THOMAS EGELHOF302245451174 W2L1W6L32.0
6ABIGAIL ZHOU30290965820 W8W10L5L12.0
7KYLE WU300214771001 W3L4L2D81.5
8MEGAN YESILEVICH154308711077 L6L2W9D71.5
9HARSH GUPTA17049293933 L4L3L8W101.0
10PIANKHI WADE303142801184 L1L6L3L90.0

SwissSys Standings. Punctual: Rook

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1OLIVER CHAN MAK16502861782 W11D5W10W23.5
2SHELDON ZHU30043646794 W6W4W7L13.0
3TIMOTHY TRAN30489133587SABHL4W12W8W73.0
4FEDOR CHEREPUKHIN30621230410 W3L2D9W62.5
5AUDREY KELLER16981128458 W10D1L6W112.5
6DEAN CARLSON16625113583 L2W9W5L42.0
7LIAM CHAU30337325577 W12W8L2L32.0
8ARRIANA DAVILA30368788527 W9L7L3W102.0
9SOURYA MADA30155856598 L8L6D4W121.5
10MARTINA CICCIA16974410591 L5W11L1L81.0
11SAVIT BA BARANWAL30044447579 L1L10W12L51.0
12JOHN WOOBIN30320804529SABHL7L3L11L90.0

SwissSys Standings. Punctual: kNight

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1RUI LIN FENG30687176312 W4W8W5W34.0
2DAWSON WILLIAMS17305028249 W19W14W15W94.0
3LAWRENCE RIZZATO30415316458 W6W11W9L13.0
4DANIEL DAVILA30340062466 L1W13W8W153.0
5DARYN WILLIAMS17121834380 W16W15L1W123.0
6EMILY SPRINGER17305405256SABX3L3W19W20W103.0
7LUCAS MARGOLIS30459102260SAUWL15W20D14W172.5
8JOHN KETCHAM30340071426SAUWW12L1L4W142.0
9MARYAM FOFANA17320768461 W10W17L3L22.0
10OUMAR FOFANA17314723490 L9W16W11L62.0
11AAYRA POTTI30280724323 W13L3L10W192.0
12ALEC FRIDMAN30742354unr.SABX3L8W18W17L52.0
13DECLAN CARS LOGUE30692739unr.SAUWL11L4W16W182.0
14AYDEN LIN30612404370 W18L2D7L81.5
16RILEIGH AGUERO30723783unr.SABX3L5L10L13W201.0
17WILSON QI30454176405 W20L9L12L71.0
18JAIDEN FRIDMAN30742349unr. L14L12W19L131.0
19ELLIOT SULER30332149423 L2L6L18L110.0
20JESSICA LI30697077346 L17L7L6L160.0

SwissSys Standings. Punctual: Pawn

#NameIDRatingTeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1STEVEN PATINO30307435430 W11W12W4W34.0
2AVA H JOHN30314258150SABHW16W25D5W93.5
3KABIR SHAN BHATIA17242975138 W10W6W8L13.0
4MICHELLE NTI-KYEI30456170175SABX3W14W21L1W173.0
5MAX ADLER30655259237 W24W19D2D73.0
6ALEXANDRA PATINO30307422254 W18L3W15W113.0
7KLARA IVKOSIC30582724113SAUWW25W22D13D53.0
8EMILIA LI KETCHAM30683216294SAUWW27W20L3W133.0
9VICTORIA VIETRI30696009314 D17W23W26L22.5
10AVI PATEL30582797unr. L3W18D12W192.5
11YASHA GOMAN30621270200 L1W28W14L62.0
12SEAN MARGOLIS30550186162 W22L1D10D162.0
13DIANA VIETRI30695940165 D23W17D7L82.0
14RUSSE CINQUEGRANA30336616unr. L4W15L11W262.0
15NATHAN OKORO30616725112 W21L14L6W242.0
16SHANAY POTTI30454513145 L2W24D19D122.0
17LUCA CHAU30337317176 D9L13W20L41.5
18ROSEMERY GARCIA30733366unr.SABX3L6L10W23D211.5
19CAROLYN FELIZ30723878unr.SABX3X—L5D16L101.5
20AVEN ALANIA30696031104 W26L8L17D221.5
21LUCAS PEI-CHAN30742399unr.SAUWL15L4W28D181.5
22EVANGELI NTI-KYEI30723772unr.SABX3L12L7W27D201.5
23PERALTA RODRIGUEZ30690573107 D13L9L18W271.5
24NIKA KERNILOVSKI30733333unr.SABHL5L16W25L151.0
25RILEY VALOIS30731792unr.SABX3L7L2L24W281.0
26JACOB AGUERO30694565218 L20W27L9L141.0
27ELEANOR PEI-CHAN30742384unr.SAUWL8L26L22L230.0
28MUHAMMAD FOFANA30721127105 U—L11L21L250.0

Note NEW TIMES FOR ROUNDS: Check-in will end at 9:30 so that Round 1 can begin at 10:00. Other rounds will begin at 11:30. 12:45 and 2:00. All players shall play 4 games. Game time for clocks is 30 minutes per player with 5-second delay. (G/30;d5). (The earlier starting time change is necessary so that people can travel home with daylight.)

Awards: Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd and third place to sections with more than 12 players. (Two trophies for sections with less than 12 players. Sections with less than 6 players will be combined.) Medals are won by scoring 2.5 or more points in any section.

Team Awards: A Team Certificate shall be awarded for 1st Place in each section. Top four player scores go towards team award. (Tie-break shall be Cumulative.) Players can only be assigned to teams at registration, not at the tournament. Please list team when signing up or you will not be placed on a team.

Volunteers: Since 2010 The Right Move staff consists of all-volunteers. There is no salary whatsoever. When you chip in setting up tables and putting away equipment you are doing valuable staff work. Some choose to donate money which helps pay rating fees and trophies. If you can donate your time and skills at the tournament hall to post pairings or record results of games report to Brother John when you arrive. Perhaps you can record scores for round 1 and 2 (9:45 get them seated until 10:30, then again 11:15 to get them seated until 12:00) and another person can do rounds 3 and 4 as with the earlier rounds, beginning 12:30 and 1:45

9:45-10:30, 11:15-12 12:30-1:00, 1:45-2:30 Parents as volunteers– See Brother John for assigned area to sign in at check-in if you are willing to help.

As always, much praise and thanks to Riverbank State Park for hosting this tournament with the tremendous staff who work very hard to provide the best possible conditions.