Results: Oct 18 “Aim High”

Sunday, Oct. 18. Weather – 62 degrees and partly sunny.

SwissSys Report: Aim High

SwissSys Standings. Aim High: King (Over 1000)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1ADITEYA DAS168733351438D4W6W8W33.5
2SUVAN BARANWAL166730001556W6W8L3W53.0
3CHLOE A STARK161388061549W7W5W2L13.0
4LEO BERKSON162623171036D1W7L5W82.5
5OLIVER CHARLES MA161295901409B—L3W4L22.0
6GLYNNTON BUCKLEY165737451089L2L1W9B—2.0
7RAFAEL ROBINOVICH166154521059L3L4B—W92.0
8IXOYE MOGUEL162686321366W9L2L1L41.0
9Liam Luna16268715995L8B—L6L71.0

SwissSys Standings. Aim High: Queen (Under 1000)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1Tariq Yue30014129unr.W15W2W4W54.0
2ROSEMARY JA WILEY16771420702W7L1W8W123.0
3ISAAC DIAZ16913526685W14L12W7W63.0
4LUCAS BOCKOWSKI17113484654W8W10L1W93.0
5KAMILA TURSUNOVA30039618651B—W6W12L13.0
6ALEXANDER HR SOLL16948262940W11L5W10L32.0
7SIMONE MAIMON16108331861L2W13L3W172.0
9MAX W STARK16158726818L13W11W16L42.0
10NATHANAEL KUFFOUR15810471816W17L4L6W142.0
11RAPHAEL FUNK16995532741L6L9B—W132.0
12TIMOTHY MILCHEVSKIY15840198580W16W3L5L22.0
13NICOLE S CAI17262612467W9L7W14L112.0
14Arston Wang17254770835L3W15L13L101.0
15KYLIE BOCKOWSKI16448263796L1L14L17B—1.0
16SAVIT BARANWA30044447328L12B—L9L81.0
17GABRIEL PACK unr.L10L8W15L71.0

Due to the “spike” in COVID in some areas of NYC The Right Move can only respond safely within current guidelines. No indoor tournament allowed at this time. Roberto Clemente State Park outdoors is the site for Oct 18.

The Right Move will limit the number of players to 48, with no team awards at this time, since players from one team may wind up playing their own team due to the limits in participation.

Ratings from the Oct 4 tournament (shown below) will be used to make pairings for those involved

King (Over 1000) Are you ready? Then join in now or sign-in early on Sunday

  • Suvan Baranwal 1556
  • Megan Paragua 1526
  • Chloe Stark 1549
  • Oliver Ma 1447
  • Aditeya Das 1438
  • Dominic Paragua 1403
  • Ixoye Moguel 1366
  • GB Anon 1089
  • Rafael Robinovich 1059
  • Leo Berkson 1036

Queen (Under 1000)

  • Alexander Soll 940
  • Simone Maimon 861
  • Immanuel Purushotham 821
  • Max Stark 818
  • Nathaniel Kuffor 816
  • Kylie Bockowski 796
  • Raphael Funk 741
  • Rosemary Wiley 702 Bye Rd 1
  • Isaac Diaz 685
  • Lucas Bockowski 654
  • Kamila Tursunova 651
  • Nicole S Cai 467
  • Tariq Yue Unr

Rook (Under 600) Learn new skills and have fun. Six players minimum required for this section. Beginners and new players most welcome. Sign up now or Sign in early on Sunday.

  • Timothy Milchewskiy 580
  • Savit Baranwal 328
  • Gabriel Pack Unr

Who: You!! Scholastic Chess players (Players limited to 48; Social Distancing and mask required). Teams welcome but may play each other due to small numbers in each section. No team awards will be presented. Minimum 18 must sign up by Friday Noon or event will be cancelled.

What: 3 sections (Over 1000, Under 1000, and Under 600) of rated uscf outdoor chess with 4 games for each player (G/30;d5). Free. Players may join or renew USCF membership on-site for $9 (good for one year).

When: Sunday, October 18, 2020 Rounds at 10:00, 11:00, 12:30 and 1:30. Check in on stage area by 9:30 to play in round 1.

Where: Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 West Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY 10453

Why: Because you are important, you work hard and you deserve the best opportunities to show your skills safely and within healthy guidelines.

How: Send your email to: Subject: Oct 18 Include your full name and uscf id number. Put NEW if joining uscf for the first time. Cost to join or renew USCF membership on-site is $9, good for the entire year.

Additional info:

Trophies to First, Second and Third in each section U1200, U700 (Section must have a minimum of 6 players) Medal winners for 2.5 or more points.

This tournament will be outdoors around the stage near the river and can be cool (cold to some). Dress correctly.

Please note: Our favorite vendor from last year, Sevi, plans to bring food for sale. Hot food available for purchase on site!!

The list of those already signed up will be posted on

(Upcoming event: Riverbank State Park, 145th Street & Riverside Drive, Indoors on November 8 PENDING. Limited to 48 players. Only players will be allowed inside and shall leave to go outside when the game finishes. You are invited to sign up at and be clear to show you are signing up for the November 8 indoor Sunday event.)

Renee M Scorcia, President, The Right Move