“Notice” June 5 at Riverbank State Park

www.chsstrm.org/NYC/ The tournament has been changed to this new date, June 5 (formerly May 21).

Sunday, June 5, 2022. “Notice” at Riverbank State Park, across from 145th Street and Riverside Drive. Chess takes place in the Smith Auditorium for the Performing Arts.

EF: Free. Current USCF members only. 4 Games of chess. Note: Check-in now ends at 10:30 to be paired for round 1. Come after 10:30 and begin play at 12:00 in Round 2.

Most recent Posting here are from May 26 at 8:00 AM See the list “See who is signed in…” for more recent list. We will use the June USCF rating list

SwissSys Standings. Notice: Awe Adults Welcome USCF (Alphabetical)

1THOMAS LAY1259927616770.0
2SURIYAN NATHAN1263466415000.0
3JOY WANG3018638011360.0

SwissSys Standings. Notice: King USCF 1300-1699 (Alphabetical)

1LUCAS J CHEN1691351114070.0
2JOSHUA R LIBERMAN1657348413810.0
3JAMES MARGOLIS3010410511700.0
4ANTON CI MCGINNIS166288149950.0
5ALICE SHEN3032515112080.0
6SAHASRA VIDAP1588177412600.0

SwissSys Standings. Notice: Queen USCF 90=1299 (Alphabetical)

1AMIRJON ADILOV30598778unr.0.0
2REHA AGARWAL165965766060.0
3RISHA AGARWAL165965828830.0
4LINCOLN BORRERO170751051890.0
5AIDEN CHAN1678470811700.0
6BRYANT CHEN129100989380.0
7ISABEL CORNILLON30361162unr.0.0
8THOMAS EGELHOF302245459380.0
9HARSH GUPTA170492938040.0
10NIMA JONES163157738090.0
11AADIT KRISH JOSHI171529328330.0
12LIAM KOJUHAROV3021437112120.0
13SCARLETT L KONG301358659590.0
14ALEXEI KUMAR1710879310160.0
15ERIC LIU3013610410950.0
16ETHAN LOUIE3035414010710.0
17OWEN MAK302348239780.0
18BOREN LEONARDO OU301879399010.0
19ARJUN PRADHAN168105079770.0
20JASON QI301767389710.0
21F QUINONEZ HERNANDEZ301615259860.0
22RAFAEL ROBINOVICH1661545211750.0
23ALICE WANG301698148440.0
24KYLE WU3002147710080.0
25PATRICK YAO301346539440.0
26DAVID YESILEVICH160003639690.0
27MEGAN YESILEVICH1543087111190.0
28DAISY YUEN1703611712080.0
29HUGO ZHANG171649568870.0

SwissSys Standings. Notice: Rook USCF 500-899 (Alphabetical)

1DARMIRJON ADILOV30598787unr.0.0
2SAVIT BA BARANWAL300444476320.0
3OSCAR BORRERO172661405330.0
4LIAM CHAU303373254960.0
5NICHOLAS CHEN301995447480.0
6MARTINA CICCIA169744106000.0
7DANIEL DAVILA303400625050.0
8MARK FARRIS172010754260.0
9PETER FARRIS173083854170.0
10VIGYAANT JAIN302564547710.0
11AADIT KRISH JOSHI171529328330.0
12BENJAMIN KANOVICH163941558430.0
13MIRA KEANE302066615620.0
14ISADORE LEVIT303098635750.0
15LIOR LIBERMAN173039645730.0
16JAMES J LISZEWSKI171204607050.0
17EUGENIA MATTEO172675145490.0
18MAXIMILIANO PENA303575865330.0
19SPARSH POTTI162820387740.0
20SASHA MI SCHAEFER303603218240.0
21SHAWN SHI302006194940.0
22KAI SHIGEMI30576789unr.0.0
23MAX W STARK161587267030.0
24BRADLEY TANG302890367110.0
25PAVIT THAKKAR170234836230.0
26MIYAD TUWEIQ301992786140.0
27SAMANVI VIDAP167264448700.0
28CORY YAU302067016970.0
29CHASE YUEN300413824930.0
30KIYOMI YUK301362116340.0

SwissSys Standings. Notice: kNight USCF Under 500 (Alphabetical)

1DAVID ALTMAN30185330unr.0.0
2SI BAENE-KINGLAKE303530111600.0
3ANIKA BIKLEN302066331080.0
6ADELINA BRANDAO17345768unr.0.0
7ARDI BUQAJ unr.0.0
9KIRAN SIN DHILLON302880573400.0
11YASH GUPTA170492874400.0
12JONATHAN HSIEH30410694unr.0.0
13DHRUV KALANTRI304540603840.0
14LUKE LEVINSON17336655unr.0.0
15DARIA RI MCGINNIS17302735unr.0.0
17AAYRA POTTI302807243160.0
18EVA PRADHAN301035622440.0
19WILSON QI304541762330.0
20ALESSAND QUINONEZ304454203470.0
21 unr.0.0
22 unr.0.0
24MASAMOTO SAKAI303394662610.0
25PAZ SELDESS305158093140.0
26ADITYA SINGH173001533250.0
27TIMOTHY TRAN304891333110.0
28CHRISTY ZENG30311069unr.0.0

SwissSys Standings. Notice: Pawn USCF Under 300 gr 3 & below (Alphabetical)

1SHAHMIR ADILOV30598790unr.0.0
2D CHAN-SCHLAURAFF304910072650.0
3LUCA CHAU303373171190.0
5CASEY CROWTHER305004761570.0
6ARRIANA DAVILA303687882360.0
7CORA DUNN30580705unr.0.0
8GOMEZ DE LLARENA172944941470.0
9KLARA IVKOSIC305827241010.0
11DAHLIA KOJUHAROVA30592404unr.0.0
12CARSON RYDER LEI30528984unr.0.0
13R MARTINEZ-VILLAR303529462310.0
14JOSEPH RAY MATTEO303625482970.0
18RAJ PATEL30575761unr.0.0
19SHANAY POTTI304545131230.0
20ADRIEL BRYAN PWAN30582774unr.0.0
21ISSIC BRYAN PWAN30582754unr.0.0
24AVERY NOVEL SCOTT305414591110.0
25ELLIOT SULER303321492760.0
27JO TOTOUOM TANGHO30601789unr.0.0
28SA TOTOUOM TANGHO30601774unr.0.0
29OLIVER YAU305501722430.0

Sunday, June 5, 2022. Riverbank State Park, Smith Auditorium located in the park across from 145th St and Riverside Drive entrance to the park. EF: Free. Current USCF members only. 4 Games of chess. Note: Check-in now ends at 10:30 to be paired for round 1. Come after 10:30 and begin play at 12:00 in Round 2.

There will be no vaccination card to be checked, but masks are still required indoors. Moreover, play is limited to 110 players so sign up early or you may not be placed on the list. After you register, Check “See who is signed in …” on the website www.chesstrm.org/NYC/ to see that you are correctly entered. (See How to register below.)

I hope you have read the Welcome Page and are familiar with how this tournament will progress. See our website for details www.chesstrm.org/NYC/ The tournament is limited to 110 players due to COVID. Mask is still required for each person over 5 years of age to enter the building. There is very limited space indoors for between rounds. Please use the outdoor space in the park when possible.

Sign me up: Send an email to mcmanusj363@gmail.com  Include your name, uscf id and section. Not a member? No problem. On-site yearly scholastic membership (including renewal) costs $9. Hope to see you soon.

To see who is signed up already and to check that you information is correct look here. Alphabetical list.

The Right Move offers 6 rated USCF sections (based on at least 6 in each section) for you to choose:

  • The Pawn section is reserved for those in grade 3 and below who do not have a rating or who have a rating below 300.
  • Beginners and those rated under 500 should choose the kNight section (Under 500).
  • Those with some experience and rated over 500 usually choose the Rook section (Above 500).
  • More advanced players may choose to play in the Queen section (Above 900).
  • The higher rated players are usually placed into the King section (Above 1300).
  • The AWE section is for all adults currently members of the uscf.