Results-June 19 (Saturday) “Lead The Way” at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Special thanks to those many people who helped on June 19 at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, 357 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn. -Sunny Yang, TD

***Note: Those who did not receive their correct reward due to the printer error problem can get award at next tournament.

When USCF results are concluded the USCF results with new ratings will be posted here.

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: King (Above 1300)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1ALEX ZHANG148316751473W16W14W7W34.0
2SUVAN BARANWAL166730001693W5W8L3W63.0
3TIA ZHENG155463311540W12W10W2L13.0
4LEO XIAOHANG SHEN171323321436L14W16W15W93.0
5ANSON LEONG172881611391L2W12W14D72.5
6PARTHO NATH155242421336D7W11W8L22.5
7CHLOE A STARK161388061594D6W13L1D52.0
8FANRONG MENG170996461449W15L2L6W132.0
9OLIVER CHARLES MA161295901411H—H—W10L42.0
10JORDY LEON164721741360W11L3L9W152.0
11LOUIS JOHN BARRY169955471616L10L6D13W161.5
12JOHN SILVA166912801320L3L5W16D141.5
13VIONNIE KHONG155838301261B—L7D11L81.5
14ADITYAN SWAMINATHAN17355901unr.W4L1L5D121.5
15RIJU BHATTACHARJEE165388761269L8B—L4L101.0
16ERIC WINSAN163022801295L1L4L12L110.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: Queen (Above 900)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1DIEGO NAVARRETE JR155192421076X—W11W12D23.5
2NOVIA ZHENG15546284887W8W14W5D13.5
3ANDRII SHYPACHOV17206485817W9W17D4W73.5
4LEQI HAN300453271063D14W6D3W133.0
5EZEKIEL LUI16786925986X—W10L2W113.0
6DAISY YUEN17036117697W17L4W14W103.0
7RAFAEL ROBINOVICH166154521274L10W9W13L32.0
8SAHASRA VIDAP JR158817741189L2W18L11W122.0
9ALICE CHOVANEC168984661174L3L7W16W172.0
10LAZIZ KADIROV164993851013W7L5W15L62.0
11DEVIN V WANG16820766969W15L1W8L52.0
12JACK BRINCKERHOFF30156795889X—W16L1L82.0
13AIDEN SUN30063563unr.B—W15L7L42.0
14JEFFREY ASA-HAUSER30209100unr.D4L2L6W161.5
15SANTIAGO NUNEZ300200991228L11L13L10W181.0
16ERIC EN-WEI SHANG166116631031W18L12L9L141.0
17AUGUST PRASERTSOM16906336930L6L3W18L91.0
18LEINA DUNN30206659unr.L16L8L17L150.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: Rook (Above 500)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1DENA N WANG30043285595W24W3W5W74.0
2REHA AGARWAL16596576506W20W9W19W104.0
3TIMOTHY IGNATENKO17288883818W22L1W6W123.0
4KABIR PARTH MUTHA30025432812L14W15W20W133.0
5ROMEL BARRETT16786108736W16W14L1W183.0
6JAMES J LISZEWSKI17120460557W19W26L3W113.0
7ARTEM KOGAN30206723unr.W25W12W13L13.0
8LEON BOUCHARD30194896692W21L16B—D172.5
9FEI YA LIN15915228676D17L2W24W192.5
10COLTON ASCHE CHOI17352200866L13W17W14L22.0
11RISHA AGARWAL16596582757W15L13W16L62.0
12S HODZHAMKULYYEVA16915550622W18L7W22L32.0
13MAX W STARK16158726617W10W11L7L42.0
14ZOYA KULKOVA17122644588W4L5L10W252.0
15LIAM SHAH30206694unr.L11L4W23W222.0
16PATRICK YAO30134653unr.L5W8L11W232.0
17ALAN SU30188662unr.D9L10W25D82.0
18HANIF O’MEALLY30199115unr.L21W25X26L52.0
19BENJAMIN MOU16558026808L6W23L2L91.0
20LIOR LIBERMAN17303964520L2U—L4W241.0
21AIDEN SUN30063563unr.W18U—U—U—1.0
22KENT BOUCHARD30194858unr.L3W24L12L151.0
23DANIEL LIU30144961unr.W26L19L15L161.0
24POOJITHA JANNU30182485845L1L22L9L200.0
25BENJAMIN NUNEZ30021753746L7L18L17L140.0
26TYWAN ANTHONY12852626695L23L6F180.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: kNight (Below 500)

#NameIDRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
1ALEXEI KUMAR17108793459W5W20W12W34.0
2MIYAD TUWEIQ30199278229W14W15W7W104.0
3SAMANVI VIDAP JR16726444396W6W13W10L13.0
4LILLIAN SHREYBERG30141359140L15W14W21W163.0
5EUGENIA MATTEO17267514unr.L1W24W11W173.0
6AIDEN WU unr.L3W17W20W123.0
7BENJAMIN LAROSE30028255unr.W22W8L2W93.0
8CHASE YUEN30041382unr.D23L7W22W132.5
9HOWEN LEE30199153269W21L12W15L72.0
10PETER THOM FARRIS17308385244W11W23L3L22.0
11HANSITHA JANNU30199134103L10W22L5W212.0
12MATTHEW MOU17337328unr.W24W9L1L62.0
13MIRA KEANE30206661unr.W17L3W23L82.0
14SHAWN SHI30200619unr.L2L4W19W182.0
15TIGER WU unr.W4L2L9W202.0
16CORY YAU30206701unr.L20W19W18L42.0
17AVIVA SHREYBERG30141392231L13L6W24L51.0
18SAVIT BARANWAL30044447181W19L21L16L141.0
19MARK FARRIS17201075111L18L16L14W231.0
20JONATHAN ORTIZ unr.W16L1L6L151.0
21ANIKA BIKLEN30206633unr.L9W18L4L111.0
22THAIGER JI DEROSA30178497160L7L11L8D240.5
23HAVEN FANG DEROSA30139483105D8L10L13L190.5
24JAYDEN ORTIZ unr.L12L5L17D220.5

Entry fee: FREE. Everybody plays 4 games. Games at 11:00, 12:00, 1:30, 2:30. Check-in ends at 10:45 or begin play in round 2.

These games are USCF rated. $9 yearly memberships (renewals) available on-site. 4SS. (G/30;d5).

To Pre-register send an email to:

Tell your full name, USCF ID number and section (or tell NEW if you are not a uscf member and plan to join at check-in about 10:30 on-site.

Check-in closes at 10:45 for round 1.

Players not on the pre-registered list published on the website begin play in round 2.

SwissSys Report: Lead the Way at BLMHS Thursday 7:00 PM 6/17/21.

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: King (Above 1300) (Alphabetical)

1SUVAN BARANWAL1667300016930.0
2LOUIS JOHN BARRY1699554716160.0
3RIJ BHATTACHARJEE1653887612690.0
4CHRISTIAN DEAS1627638612830.0
5VIONNIE KHONG1558383012610.0
6JORDY LEON1647217413600.0
7ANSON LEONG1728816113910.0
8FANRONG MENG1709964614490.0
9MEGAN ALT PARAGUA1710669216260.0
10LEO XIAOHANG SHEN1713233214360.0
11JOHN SILVA1669128013200.0
12CHLOE A STARK1613880615940.0
13ADITYAN SWAMINATHAN17355901unr.0.0
14ERIC WINSAN1630228012950.0
15ALEX ZHANG1483167514730.0
16TIA ZHENG1554633115400.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: Queen (Above 900) (Alphabetical)

1ROMEL BARRETT167861087360.0
2JACK BRINCKERHOFF301567958890.0
3COLTON ASCHE CHOI173522008660.0
4ALICE CHOVANEC1689846611740.0
5LEINA DUNN30206659unr.0.0
6LEQI HAN3004532710630.0
7VARSH KARTHIKEYAN167263829340.0
8EZEKIEL LUI167869259860.0
9LAASYA MADA1672612010850.0
10AIDAN MCCORMICK1613552412650.0
11SANTIAGO NUNEZ3002009912280.0
12DANNY PLOTKIN1683115410280.0
13JAMES PLOTKIN168311609640.0
14AUGUST PRASERTSOM169063369300.0
15RAFAEL ROBINOVICH1661545212740.0
16ERIC EN-WEI SHANG1661166310310.0
17ANDRII SHYPACHOV172064858170.0
18AIDEN SUN30063563unr.0.0
19SAHASRA VIDAP JR1588177411890.0
20DEVIN V WANG168207669690.0
21DAISY YUEN170361176970.0
22NOVIA ZHENG155462848870.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: Rook (Above 500) (Alphabetical)

1REHA AGARWAL165965765060.0
2RISHA AGARWAL165965827570.0
3TYWAN ANTHONY128526266950.0
4ROMEL BARRETT167861087360.0
5KENT BOUCHARD30194858unr.0.0
6LEON BOUCHARD301948966920.0
7S HODZHAMKULYYEVA169155506220.0
8TIMOTHY IGNATENKO172888838180.0
9POOJITHA JANNU301824858450.0
10ARTEM KOGAN30206723unr.0.0
11ZOYA KULKOVA171226445880.0
12LIOR LIBERMAN173039645200.0
13JAMES J LISZEWSKI171204605570.0
14DANIEL LIU30144961unr.0.0
15BENJAMIN MOU165580268080.0
16KABIR PARTH MUTHA300254328120.0
17BENJAMIN NUNEZ300217537460.0
18HANIF O’MEALLY301991154800.0
19MAX W STARK161587266170.0
20ALAN SU30188662unr.0.0
21AIDEN SUN30063563unr.0.0
22KAMILLA TURSUNOVA300396187020.0
23DENA N WANG300432855950.0
24KYLE WU300214776990.0
25PATRICK YAO30134653unr.0.0

SwissSys Standings. Lead the Way at BLMHS: kNight (Below 500) (Alphabetical)

1SAVIT BARANWAL300444471810.0
2LAZI L BARBAKADZE170721474380.0
3ANIKA BIKLEN30206633unr.0.0
4ELIAS CHU169593452770.0
5SOFIA CHU173521263660.0
6HAVEN FANG DEROSA301394831050.0
7THAIGER JI DEROSA301784971600.0
8MARK FARRIS172010751110.0
9PETER THOM FARRIS173083852440.0
10HAYATO IKEDA172327851950.0
11HANSITHA JANNU301991341030.0
12DARSH KARTHIKEYAN301713372640.0
13MIRA KEANE30206661unr.0.0
14DANIEL JULI KOGAN30024204unr.0.0
15LIAM R KOPMAN301536162530.0
16ALEXEI KUMAR171087934590.0
17BENJAMIN LAROSE30028255unr.0.0
18HOWEN LEE301991532690.0
19SOURYA MADA301558564470.0
20EUGENIA MATTEO17267514unr.0.0
21MATTHEW MOU17337328unr.0.0
22LIAM SHAH30206694unr.0.0
23SHAWN SHI30200619unr.0.0
24AVIVA SHREYBERG301413922310.0
25LILLIAN SHREYBERG301413591400.0
26MIYAD TUWEIQ301992782290.0
27SAMANVI VIDAP JR167264443960.0
28AIDEN WU unr.0.0
29TIGER WU unr.0.0
30CORY YAU30206701unr.0.0
31CHASE YUEN30041382unr.0.0
  • KING Above 1300 section,
  • Queen Above 900 section,
  • Rook Above 500 section or
  • Knight 499 & Below Section Trophies to top 3, top player rated Under 200 and top 2 Unrated players (Unrated may not win top 3 trophy in this section).

You will receive a confirmation email from a real human. Due to COVID the limited number of participants at this time is 100 for this tournament. Masks and social distancing are still required.

Prizes: Trophies top 3 each section; Medals for 2.5 or more points.