Helpful Guidelines

Hi. Here are some helpful guidelines particularly for new players or new visitors today.

Welcome to Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 West Tremont Ave., Bx, NY, for The Right Move Chess Tournament #249, Battlin’ Bishops on February 23, 2020.  My name is Renee  and I’ll help you through the tournament plan for  today.

If you come by car you can get a pass (FREE) inside the building to park in the lot; this is on a first come basis until the lot is full.  No one may park in the circle. 

If you come by public transit the #30 or 32 bus will bring you to the park from the #6 train at Burnside Ave.  You must be checked in on time to play in round 1.

You will be greeted by the table with the check-in list.  Names are listed in the various sections. The rated USCF sections are: King, Queen, Rook, kNight and Bishop;  The non-USCF sections are Pawn1.  Pawn2 and Awe.  You can make check-in more efficient by telling your section followed by last name, first name.

The King & Queen sections must check in before 9:15.  They begin their games at 9:30.  All other sections must check in before 9:30 since they begin at 10:00. Once you are checked in you wait until the list is posted about 10 minutes before the start of each round.

The tournament hall already has Sets and boards marked off with different table numbers.  When the list is posted players report to the correct table number and sit at the allocated color, white or black.  Each of the sections will be told when they can begin play by a designated Tournament Director .

If there is a problem during a game the players should stop playing and must raise their hand. The problem must be solved before any other move is made.  When the game is finished players again raise their hands to have the section chief  record the results. Players should tell the board number and the winner color (or draw), then wait for the TD to match all results with the players names.  Players then set up the pieces and  leave the playing area. Players then wait for the all the games to finish before the next round can begin.  New opponents with new table numbers will be arranged for each round.  After all rounds have been completed the awards will be presented.

Trophy prize is won by a player in First, Second or Third in that section.  -Tie-break programs are used when players have an equal number of points.(The Awe section limits trophies to those beginners in grades 8 through 12.)   Team Certificates are awarded to First and Second Place teams in each section. Medals are awarded to players with 2.5 or more  wins in each section.

There is limited space inside. In winter Rounds are as soon as possible in inclement weather when all persons remain mostly inside. They will be at 10:00, 11:15, 12:30 and 1:45. Awards will be about 3:00.  King & Queen will have four rounds  9:30, 11:00, 12:30 & 2:00.

I hope this introduction is helpful.  See me with any questions you might have.  Enjoy the day! Have fun!

There is food available on sale on-site.  Chessplayers are asked to cooperate fully and not take up space in the food eating area unless consuming food purchased there.    

Think creatively, be considerate of others,  and let’s make the day truly enjoyable for all!

        -Renee M Scorcia, President