“Dream Big” OTB Apr 25 at Roberto Clemente State Park (indoors)

Hello Everybody,

Good News! Spring is Here! However, COVID is still on our minds.

Chess returns to indoor play on a trial basis on Sunday, April 25, 2021 at Roberto Clemente State Park, 301 W Tremont Ave., Bronx.

Rules: Only the 36 players are allowed in the building for their games. They must exit the building after each game and wait outside for the next round to be posted. Parents and coaches are to remain outside. These are COVID safety regulations agreed for our use of the facility. Violations will result in losing these privileges for tournament play.

To Sign up for your section… (To see sho is signed up already see list below. Please confirm you are coming to Apr 25 ‘Dream Big” at Roberto Clemente State Park.)

SwissSys Report: Dream Big

SwissSys Standings. Dream Big: King (Above 1300

1KYLE CHEUNG1597093816460.0
2ELIZABETH TSUGEL1657347816280.0
3BRENDAN PAU MORAN1510122616240.0
4SUVAN BARANWAL1667300015630.0
5LOUIS JOHN BARRY1699554715090.0
6OLIVER CHARLES MA1612959014260.0
7TARIQ YUE3001412913820.0
8NATHAN PEYTON1645232212680.0
9ETHAN SHEMO1683971512590.0
10CHENXUAN LING1715998312550.0
11FANRONG MENG1709964611790.0
12ANSON LEONG172881618590.0

SwissSys Standings. Dream Big: Queen (Above 900)

1SURYA KRISHNAN168907368520.0

SwissSys Standings. Dream Big: Rook (Above 500)

1SURYA KRISHNAN168907368520.0
2LAASYA MADA167261208510.0
3SHAWN EPELBAUM167361538510.0
4LUNA REISOGLU157914378400.0
5BREACEN CALDEIRA164455728260.0
6YESHUA MATOS167862518150.0
7ETHAN G MISHURIS170616408000.0
8SOLINA CALDEIRA164455457790.0
9HUGO ZHANG171649567200.0
10ANTON KOUZMITCHEV166878746140.0
11ANDRE KOUZMITCHEV166878685770.0
12RYAN SHEMO168397364980.0

SwissSys Standings. Dream Big: kNight (Below 500)

1VIOLET SHEMO168397421180.0
4SOURA MADA unr.0.0
6DARREN BAI unr.0.0
  • KING Above 1300 section,
  • Queen Above 900 section,
  • Rook Above 500 section or
  • Knight 499 & Below Section


Tell your full name, USCF ID number and section (or tell NEW if you are not a uscf member and plan to join at check-in on-site). The April USCF rating list will be used for this event.

You will receive a confirmation email from a real human. Due to COVID the limited number of participants at this time is 36 for this tournament.

Newcomers are especially welcome to this free tournament. Membership in USCF is required ($9 for USCF membership good for 12 months) and is available on-site.

The list of those currently signed up for this tournament can also be found on this website under “See who is signed in…”

Safety first is the guiding principle for chess tournaments with regards to our staff and you, our players, and your families.

As we travel through this pandemic year with chess still possible safely outdoors, keep in mind how you can respect others by staying sharp, safe and healthy. Remember that we are limiting entrees to 36 at this time for safety. Make 2021 the best year ever!

-Renee M Scorcia, President