Brooklyn Scholastic Chess Challenge

Plan: Saturday, Sept. 26 Outdoor free Scholastic Chess at Prospect Park!!

When: Saturday, September 5, 2020. Outdoor live free scholastic USCF action is be coming to Prospect Park.

What format: 4 Round Swiss. G/30; d5. Trophy to top Gr 2 and Under, Gr 4 & Under, Gr 6 & Under, Gr 7 & Above. Medals determined by TD.

Needed: Here is the list who is planning to come. Sign ups on-site welcome on a first-come first-served basis keeping entrants under 25.

  1. Elian Garcia, gr 11 (1625)
  2. Louis Barry, Gr 7 (1619)
  3. Maria Poulos-Chachere, gr 8 (1400)
  4. Ifaz Howlader, gr 11 (1232)
  5. Kento Carrera, gr 9 (1020)
  6. Adam Shekel, Gr 2 (962)
  7. Mukhammadyusef Takhirov, gr 4 (853)
  8. Arston Wang, gr 3 (789)
  9. Christopher Thayer, gr 6 (664)
  10. Miley Shekel, Gr 2 (487)
  1. Hi!!!  Thanks for joining this chess adventure.  Some pointers that may help follow…
  2. Rounds start at 10, 11, 12:30 and 1:30. 
  3. The ideal plan is to have 24 players divided into 4 six-player sections by rating.
  4.  If there are 8-10 players there would be one section.
  5. If there are 12-14 players there would be two sections.
  6. If there are 18-20 players there would be three sections.
  7. All TD decisions are final.  The purpose is to be fair yet have fun for all.  Parents and coaches should model proper behavior for all.
  8. Medals and trophies awarded at about 3:00.  No large gatherings so keep social distance.
  9. To pre-register email with name, grade and uscf id of each entrant.
  10. Prospect Park Parade Grounds Outdoor Chess Tables (12) are located near Kermit Place on Coney Island Ave.  If you enter at the Dog Walk make the first right and another right.  If you reach the ballfields you have gone too far.  You can also enter at Caton Ave. and the chess tables would be on your left. 
  11. Open to players from all areas.  Welcome to Brooklyn from Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, etc.
  12. This is a rated USCF tournament. You must have current USCF membership. ($9 yearly fee for membership is available at sign-in)
  13. Only the first 24 to show up can play due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.  Players must avoid gathering and wear mask when appropriate. Hand sanitizing required.
  14. Sign-ups on-site allowed but not to go over 24 players. (Check-in provided for signed up players until 9:45 when pairings are made.)
  15. All play 4 rounds at Game in 30 minutes per player with a 5-second delay.
  16. Bring your own food.  Be helpful and help keep the park clean.
  17. The game is not over until the official result is recorded correctly.  Both players must go to the scoring table to record the result.  Procedure:  Tell “on table number (fill-in) white (or black) won.”  Wait until the names are called correctly recording the result, then wait until the next round is posted outside the chess playing areas.
  18. Remember to be polite at all times but do not shake hands. 
  19. Be brave. Be strong.  If you lose learn from the experience and deal with it.
  20. No bullying allowed.  Please report any inappropriate behavior to the TD. 

Under 600 rated players, where are you? Now is the time to get it all together! Let’s get back to some serious chess! Unrated? Get on board and concentrate. Shake out summertime blues, roll up our sleeves and let’s get to work. Chess is worth it.

What to Bring: Be COVID safe– mask is required + social distancing. Use hand sanitizer.

Sets, boards, clocks, scoresheets and pencils provided.

Best to arrive before 9:30 to meet and get settled. Pairings will be posted at 9:50 for round 1. You must be checked in to play round 1 or else begin in round 2. Rounds at 10, 11, 12:30, 1:30.

Rain Date? No. Check website here on Saturday morning before 8:30 AM to see if weather forces cancellation.

Public Transportation: F or G train to Fort Hamilton Parkway (10 min walk).

My name is Renee M Scorcia, President, and I approve this message.