“Begin Here” Apr 24 (Saturday) OTB Brooklyn-changed site

Hi! Exciting news! A new site for Apr 24 now allows the chess tournament to hold 48 players.

Tournament Name: ‘Begin Here”

When: Saturday, April 24, 2021 Round 1 at 11:00. Check-in by 10:45 or begin play in round 2.

Where: Outdoor Yard at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, 357 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn

Please reply: Yes, I am coming to the tournament at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School on Saturday, April 24 My Name is __________________________ and my section is __________________________________

Welcome to Brooklyn, where Over-The-Board (OTB) scholastic chess action has survived despite all the weather conditions and changes.

All those on the list below will receive a personal email asking you to confirm your place. If you do not reply to this still outdoor tournament you will lose your place.

Sign up now with your email to mcmanusj363@gmail.com by giving full name of each entrant, USCF ID and section. You may include your phone number in case of last minute delays or changes. You will receive a confirmation email from a live person.

Scholastic players only (up to grade 12). Players may join/renew USCF membership on-site for a yearly fee of $9. (No credit cards.) The April USCF rating list will be used for this event.

When: Saturday, April 24, 2021. Games begin at 11:00, 12:00, 1:30 and 2:30. Players can win trophies or medals. Temperature must be 55 degrees or above for outdoor play.

The list of those currently signed up for this event can be found below. An updated alphabetical list is posted on the website “See who is signed in…” Please correct any errors below via email to mcmanusj363@gmail.com

SwissSys Report: Begin Here

SwissSys Standings. Begin Here: King (Above 1300)

1ELIZABETH TSUGEL1657347816280.0
2BRENDAN PAU MORAN1510122616240.0
3SUVAN BARANWAL1667300015630.0
4TIM SHVARTS1615600715520.0
5JONATHA RODRIGUEZ1569068315290.0
6CHLOE A STARK1613880615280.0
7LOUIS JOHN BARRY1699554715090.0
8DA KASTIOUKEVITCH1665797814760.0
9ANDREW BECKLES1611253613640.0
10M POULOS-CHACHERE1592614513330.0
11JEREMIAH BECKLES1610994613180.0
12JOSHUA R LIBERMAN1657348413180.0
13DAN BOLKHOVITINOV1644552412790.0
14CHENXUAN LING1715998312550.0
15RILE DUDA-THOMSON1688102612410.0
16NAT BOLKHOVITINOV1662760611670.0
17ANSON LEONG172881618590.0

SwissSys Standings. Begin Here: Queen (Above 900)

1SAHASRA VIDAP JR1588177412090.0
2RAFAEL ROBINOVICH1661545211350.0
3GABRYELA CABAN1579881710920.0
4JAC BOLKHOVITINOV1662759210570.0
5LIAM CHAN1619246210550.0
6LEQI HAN300453278030.0

SwissSys Standings. Begin Here: Rook (Above 500)

1SURYA KRISHNAN168907368520.0
2BREACEN CALDEIRA164455728260.0
3ETHAN G MISHURIS170616408000.0
4LEOR MICHA ARONOV165687307850.0
5SOLINA CALDEIRA164455457790.0
6MAX W STARK161587267410.0
7KABIR PARTH MUTHA300254326360.0
8RISHA AGARWAL165965825260.0
9REHA AGARWAL165965765160.0

SwissSys Standings. Begin Here: kNight (Below 500)

1LAZI L BARBAKADZE170721474650.0
2SAMANVI VIDAP JR167264443940.0
3SAVIT BARANWAL300444473480.0
4ZACK ALEXA ARONOV172642473330.0
6LIAM KOPMAN30153616unr.0.0
7TEDORE DODASHVILI30133831unr.0.0
8DIMITR DODASHVILI16982933unr.0.0
9NIOCLA O’MUIRITHE30133287unr.0.0

Limited to 48 Players:

Keep in good shape and bring your best. Opportunity knocks. Be ready with your answer.

Beginners (and NEW players) are welcome and will be grouped with other similar players. Minimum size of sections consists of six players.

-Renee M Scorcia, President